Specialist in Business and
Strategic Development Consulting

SHERPA&CO, Prosper in Business, was founded based on a desire to help established entrepreneurs generate more growth, with greater ease The values that underlie this corporate mission are openness, integrity, vitality, sharing, and sustainable development.

Looking forward, SHERPA&CO, Prosper in Business, anticipates providing service to thousands of entrepreneurs in America, to assist them in creating a more sustainable prosperity as business executives and in their communities.

Natasha Messier

I have 20 years of proven experience. My mission is to place my expertise to work for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. My background is in the world of international event management, marketing, and public relations. I worked in these fields for 11 years, as a business owner with a staff of around forty employees at the height of this period in my career, and a client satisfaction and return rate exceeding 90%.

After selling my company in 2004, I held various management and consulting positions with Parallèle gestion de marques, a brand-strategy firm; the Business Development Bank of Canada (as External Business Coach); Société de transport de Lévis et Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec.

I am also a constant learner through workshops taken in Canada and the USA, out of a desire to continually update my knowledge and skills pertaining to the realities of these markets and abroad. Recent seminars and conferences that I have attended include state-of-the-art training in the client experience, marketing, website development, publishing, branding,  governance, social acceptance, and sustainable development. I am comfortable working in English and French.

I invite you to contact me soon to find out how I could be of service to you.

Photo N. Messier corpo 2015

Natasha Messier, Master of Business Administration (MBA), BA in Public Communications President and Primary Business Coach